De Oude Warande – international stage for contemporary sculpture
From 2016 on annual exhibitions and art projects will be staged at De Oude Warande, so that this location will gradually grow into an internationally recognized platform for contemporary sculpture.
Luster – Sculpture in Clay Today was the first manifestation of this new policy and presented new works by eleven international artists.
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Caroline Coolen – Chum (2016)
photography: Gert Jan van Rooij

Luster – Clay in Sculpture Today
In recent years the number of exhibitions exclusively focusing on the use of clay and ceramics in contemporary art is remarkable.
Luster – Clay in Sculpture Today connected to this renewed interest but went farther by commissioning artists to create new works in clay and ceramics for the public space of De Oude Warande.
Various aspects of contemporary ceramic sculpture were addressed in this exhibition: the meaning of scale, different processing techniques, the esthetics of pigments and lusters, the earthly, the ritual, and the myth.

Cameron Jamie – Titania C. & Staxx Flora Maria (2016)

De Pont Museum, public program and education
De Pont Museum drew extra attention to the permanent installation Green Room / Snake (2001) by Marien Schouten.
The public program consisted of guided tours in the park and of interviews with participating artists at De Pont Museum.
For secondary education the project Down to Earth was developped. This project is only available in Dutch.

Anne Wenzel – Under Construction (2016)